Our music program is renowned for its excellence and broad scope.  In over 400 liturgies each year, our communal voice is raised to God in prayer and thanksgiving. 

We offer music at all of our weekend Masses:

Saturday, 5:30pm — cantor and organ, traditional
Sunday, 8:00am — organ, traditional
Sunday, 9:30am — cantor and organ, traditional
Sunday, 11:00am — Family Mass in Wallace Hall; cantor, piano, Wallace Hall choir, percussion and instruments; contemporary
Sunday, 11:00am —Solemn Mass (in the church),cantor, organ, and the professional Choir of St. Ignatius Loyola; traditional, including Gregorian Chant
Sunday, 7:30pm — cantor, piano, Canticum Sacrum, organ and percussion; blended contetmporary and traditional

Whatever your musical or liturgical preference, we invite you to join us, and trust that you and your family will find a spiritual home with us.

In addition to the Liturgical Music Program, our critically acclaimed Sacred Music in a Sacred Space concert series, now in its 24th season, serves as an outreach to the community and a source of spiritual edification for the faithful.